Yokan Trio Vaporizer Kit

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The Trio is a well-designed refillable 3-in-1 Pod System Vape Pen, this super convenient tiny on-the-go device enables you easily change your desired vaping experience from e-juice to oils, and concentrates.
The refillable 3-in-1 Pod vape pen makes e-cigarettes really easy to use, satisfy any of your vaping needs by its three types of Pod changed easily from e-juice to oils, and concentrate.
Yocan Trio Vape Pen Exploded view


The Trio is a specially designed Pod system vape pen with the airflow in a new way. Provide premium method for vaporizing your favorite stuff with an even smoother and cleaner experience.

Yocan Trio Vape Pen come with Advanced Heating Technology
The Trio features an adjustable voltage option with three different power levels to customize your vaping experience.
Yocan Trio Vape Pen Magnetic Connection Between the Battery and Pod


Satisfying and stunning, the Trio is built with metal, slim and solid, offers high fidelity
and helps you build a high-quality life. The convenient built-in USB charging allows you to charge it anywhere, always ready to use on the go.


Small, discreet, compact and incredible small. It is especially satisfying to vape because it is so portable.

Yocan Trio Vape Pen is Fabulously Easy To Maintain
Yocan Trio Vape Pen come with 6 colors.
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