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Flavor Profile:  Guava and Berries

VG/PG Ratio: 50VG / 50PG

Nicotine Levels: 35 mg

Bottle Size: 30 ml

Device: Low wattage pod systems | Not for Sub-ohm use due to high nicotine strength


Tropic Thunda Nic Salts is a strike of tropical guava and berry goodness right in your vape. Explicitly made for low wattage devices to give you the same flavor intensity as you would with a sub-ohm vape. Perfectly blended with the right amount of guava and a blast of berries to give you a concentrated punch of fruit galore.

No need to search tropical regions for the best guava flavor. Tropic Thunda packs the taste of these fully ripe fruits and combines it with an assortment of mixed berries. Bringing a special flavor profile that has become a favorite with vapers worldwide. One vape hit will have you drooling from the overload of zest.