GOLISI - I2 USB Charger

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The i2 is a compact yet powerful mini charger which utilizes a USB power port to charge cylindrical rechargeable batteries of lengths ranging from 32 to 70mm.

Its LCD displays useful real-time charging information including the percentage (%), the current, and the voltage. The military grade loading spring and ABS/PC fireproof case ensure the i2 has a long cycle life.

Features and Specifics:

Model: GOLISI i2

Micro Processor:

- Support mixing charging. Identify battery type and distribute current/voltage accordingly

- Automatically and evenly distribute current when charging Li-ion batteries

- 2A fast charge * (in the "2A" slot)

- Temperature monitoring

- Activate 0 voltage li-ion battery

LCD Display: Unique " %" progress readout

Other parameters: output current / output voltage / charged length / Err reminder

Button Operation: Check parameters / select output current or voltage / keep the screen long-on

USB Ports: Power input at DC 5V /2A, with or without an adaptor (Adapter is not included)

Output Current: Li-ion battery: 2Ax1pc, 1Ax2pcs. Others: 0.5A/ battery

Loading Spring: Durable Spring, >100K cycle time. Smooth and durable

Safety Protections: "short Circuit Protection; Over-Current Protection; Reverse Connection Protection; over-heat protection"

Case Materials: ABS, PC. Fire proof

Battery Compatibility: Li-ion 18650, 21700, 26650 / Ni-mh / Ni-cd /aaa/ aa (almost all types of cylinder shape rechargeable batteries)

Quality Certificates: RoHS, CE, FCC, EMC

Colour: Black

Weight: 150g