Ez Duz It By Ruthless Vapor 120ml, 3mg

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Ez Duz It By Ruthless Vapor 120ml Review

EZ DUZ It 120ml by e juice Ruthless Vapor mixes strawberries and watermelon to deliver a vaping experience that is just like drinking down a cold glass of strawberry and watermelon juice. If you need something super refreshing this summer, this is the vape juice that you have got to try.

Just the combination of refreshing watermelon and juicy strawberries alone instantly satisfies on a hot summer day in the sun. Ez Duz It mixes sugary sweetness with a bit of tartness and cool melon flavor to quench the thirst and tease the sweet tooth. Now, this summertime mix of flavors that we all crave, has been beautifully replicated by Ruthless Vapor, the vape juice brand that has become extremely popular thanks to its line of fruity vape juices that are superior in both taste and quality.

Ruthless Vapor has created yet another incredibly successful vape that is perfect for hot summer days. Ez Duz It is a combination of two fruits that we crave all summer long. Perfectly ripe strawberries burst with juicy sweetness while refreshing watermelon cools down the palate. When these two fruits are combined, the taste buds are truly in for a special treat.

When you first inhale Ez Duz It by Ruthless Vapor, an explosion of authentic strawberry flavor will make your sweet tooth sing. Because the strawberry flavor comes from extremely high-quality flavoring ingredients, you will really think that you have just bitten into a freshly-picked strawberry.

As you exhale Ez Duz It liquid, delicious watermelon will balance out the strawberry’s sweetness. A slight tartness from the watermelon will build before its sugary goodness takes over. This fruity combination is as satisfying as it is addictive thanks to its careful balance of flavor notes.

Ez Duz It eliquid from Ruthless Vapor has a 90 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 10 percent propylene glycol (PG) base. This unique base allows vape enthusiasts to produce the most impressively enormous vape clouds possible. A cloud chasers dream vape is what Ez Duz It is. Also, Ez Duz It comes in five nicotine strengths and is available in a 120ml glass dropper bottle.

Located in sunny California, Ruthless Vapor has been producing high-quality vape juices since 2011. The brand’s obsession with creating unique flavor blends, such as Ez Duz It juice, that taste exceptionally delicious, has earned it a tremendous fan base around the world. Each Ruthless Vapor vape juice is tested repeatedly until it’s just right, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Thanks to Ruthless Vapor’s Ez Duz It, we can spend hours in the sun while vaping the day away with incredibly refreshing flavor. Strawberries and watermelon give the sweet tooth just what it wants on a hot day. If you are ready for one of the juiciest vape juice blends available, pick up a bottle of Ez Duz It vape juice from Ruthless Vapor. A well-balance fruity explosion of strawberries and mouthwatering watermelon awaits you once you start vaping it.

VG/PG: 90/10

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Watermelon