CK SMOOTH-500 Disposable Kit

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Smooth 500 disposable vape pens come in power capacity of 10 W. This is enough wattage to bring out just about the right flavor in every one of its 500 puffs. Also be rest assured that you will get the right throat hit, which to many is the joy of smoking. Electronic vaporizer devices are nothing without the resistance. Resistance has a say the heat that will be generated by the coil. Too high or too low resistance will affect the resistance thereby turning out either burnt flavor or at least undesirable flavors. 1.8 ohms is just the perfect resistance for the pleasurable vaping experience and is the resistance that the Smooth 500 disposable vape pen comes with.

Main Features:

  1. Pen-style with lightweight and portable design
  2. Powered by 310mAh battery
  3. Supports up to 500 puffs for lasting vaping
  4. 1.5ml capacity cartridge to meet your daily use
  5. Available in 10 flavors for your selections

Product Type:  Disposable Kit

Physical Parameter:

Capacity: 1.5ml

Battery: 310mAh

Power: 10W

Resistance: 1.8oHm

Puff: 500puff

Flavors: Pineapple ice , Peach Tea , Energy Bull , Watermelon Ice , Red Grape , Banana  Ice , Double Apple , Taro Coconut Ice Cream , Omani Mango Ice , Tobacco.