Angelic - Honeydew Watermelon - 30mg/30ml

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Honeydew Watermelon 


Honeydew Watermelon is a refreshing and juicy blend that evokes the essence of summer. With its crisp and succulent texture, this melon medley offers a burst of sweetness reminiscent of ripe honeydew. The flavor unfolds with the juicy freshness of watermelon, delivering a delightful balance of sweetness and hydration. Each puff reveals a harmonious marriage of flavors, where the subtle honeydew notes mingle seamlessly with the vibrant juiciness of watermelon, creating a symphony of refreshing tastes. Together, these two melons create a flavor profile that is both satisfyingly sweet and irresistibly juicy, making Honeydew Watermelon a perfect choice for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.